Welcome to our newest Blog!

I want to share with you our new blog / email pages.  As you can see, we have a new brand, logo & look to our website.  We are excited about the future and all the opportunities that are possible to help people change their lives for the better.

We have seen a busy summer of changes and this fall we are working out the final website details. Many of you may have received some of our email mistakes earlier this month and we are SO SORRY.   We think that those problems are fixed 🙂

The new company arrangement is still confusing to some, so let me try and clarify .…. Palm Beach Nutrition changed names to Palm Beach Nutrition & Wellness.  We have discontinued maintaining inventory at our warehouse for the most part and will be working with companies which ship the product orders for us. Because of that, we are no longer selling Garden of Life, Nordic Naturals, Celtic Salt and the Enviro Water filters.

These are still great companies and we still recommend their products but our customers will need to refer to previous blogs to see where we recommend that they be purchased. The product lines we will still be working with are Energique Herbal, VAXA, Enzyme Formulations & Natural Immunogenics which will also allow us to offer the professional strength of Sovereign Silver in the Argentyn 23.

These changes will give me to the opportunity to focus on my nutritional consultations.  It is such a pleasure working with my clients to help them unlock issues with their health and help direct them on a road to improved wellness!

I hope you will enjoy this blog as I will be sharing healthy recipes, motivational and inspirational thoughts, health issues and facts to improve your life.

Wishing you a blessed day ~ Kim