Returning to Blogging with a Healthy Husband!

The last few years have been crazy and blogging just didn’t happen!

My last blog in 2015, focused on my husband, Danny, who had survived a heart attack that April.  I am happy to say that 6 years later, he is doing fantastic!


Danny continues to participate in many activities such as running 5Ks, Mud Runs and this last April, he participated in his 2nd Spartan race with our son, Daniel and friend Danny! He is a survivor and Spartan Warrior! (pictured on the right)


Striving toward Health and Wellness is such a journey!  We live in a world where our genetics can make our individual reactions different from others.  We live in a world of toxins – physical and emotional.  So much of our world has been poisoned by chemicals and electronics.  Our reactions to food sensitivities, chemicals, environment, air and water can be so overwhelming!  Why do some people go through life with no aches or pains, eat anything they want… drink and smoke anything they want and live to 100….  then, others who try to do everything “right” continue to struggle?

For well over 25 years, I have been searching for the answer to health and wellness.  Some years, I was immersed in school, and other years, I have found myself “treading water” in what seemed like a sea of confusing information.  Danny’s cardiovascular condition was and remains to be a frustrating situation or learning process in which his unique genetics sometimes clash with supplements and food choices.

We have spent the last 6 years investigating so many eating plans, supplements, genetic testing, food sensitivities and more! We would get so close and then something comes up out of range- UGH!  We are grateful that still, after 6 years, Danny feels really good and at this time, is not on any medications! We continue to pray for God’s guidance, work with our cardiologist, Dr Aggarwal, while doing our best with proper food choices, R&R, herbal remedies, homeopathics and supplements to maintain his health. Words can’t express how much we appreciate all the nutritionists, doctors, specialists and friends who have shared so much of their wisdom with us to help on this journey!!

I had felt such pressure to make sure I was sharing and encouraging the correct recommendations with others!  Because of this overwhelming feeling of responsibility, I didn’t share at all in my blog.  On a smaller scale, I was able to share my experiences and recommendations locally at Nutrition S’Mart and in my own practice.  I have learned so much about diving into a person’s lab results and sharing how to work with their doctors to dig deeper.  I plan to share some of these insights in future blogs.

Health and wellness are unique to each individual.  One person’s eating plan may not work for another….so we each must continue to pay attention to our bodies and do our research.  Without a doubt, everyone needs to improve their diets!  Take time to meditate and prayerfully reflect on things to be thankful for and ask for God’s guidance;  get plenty of rest, exercise, stretch, drink lots of purified water, take quality supplements and eat foods as close to the way God created them!

Kim Butler
Certified Nutritional Counselor
Certified Health Coach
Owner, Palm Beach Nutrition & Wellness