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About Kim

My Health Battle

I highly kim value and am so very grateful for extraordinary health AND I know what it’s like to lose my quality of life. I have dealt with scoliosis since I was 12 but I also battled an illness and accident which kept me bedridden for nearly a year. With debilitating vertigo, severe pain, low grade fevers and lack of appetite, I sought the help of numerous conventional allopathic medical professionals—to no avail.

I truly understand what it is like to deal with the frustration of physical health challenges. My husband and I remember the day that the doctor sat down with us and told us that he really didn’t have any answers or diagnosis but my life would always involve pain relievers, muscle relaxers and anti-depressants to deal with my situation. We both felt in our hearts that that was NOT what God had planned for my life. We never went back to that doctor, prayed for wisdom and took matters into our own hands, and explored natural and alternative medical practitioners. I reached out to my chiropractor and was introduced to Cranial Sacral Therapy and acupuncture. Those therapies literally changed my life! Now, along with healthy dietary, supplemental and lifestyle changes I have regained and maximized my health.

My Passion

For years, I have had a deep interest and involvement with the health and nutrition industry. My own journey toward health drove me to start a home-based nutrition business. With the urging, help and support of friends along with encouragement of Jordan Rubin, in 2004, we grew our home based business into an Internet-based company, Palm Beach Nutrition & Wellness. We were quite successful until the larger internet sites made it impossible to compete online. In 2010, we limited the site to a small line of products and reflected on what we had learned from our customers during those years and expanded into consultations. My contagious passion for health drives me to keep learning, growing and helping others. Customers wanted more education, information and guidance regarding their health, diets and supplements

Through the years, I have become a certified Biblical Health Coach, a certified Beyond Organic Health Coach, a certified Nutritional Counselor and a member of the Certified Natural Health Practitioners. I am currently continuing my education of Integrative Nutrition through Huntington University of Natural Sciences.

My Mission

I have spent the last 25+ years on a mission to take control of my own health along with helping to improve the health of my family and friends. As a wife, mother and now Mema, I value the opportunity to come alongside others who’ve asked me for guidance in connecting with the right practitioners, products and education to improve their health.

Palm Beach Nutrition & Wellness

My passion for health drives me to keep learning, growing and helping others. With Palm Beach Nutrition, I can listen to the concerns of my friends, clients and customers regarding their health challenges. They want more education, information and guidance regarding their health, diets and supplements. My response was and is to share what knowledge I have learned and make connections with the network of practitioners I know. As a Health Coach, a member of the Certified Natural Health Practitioners and a Certified Nutritional Counselor along with currently continuing my education of Integrative Nutrition, I feel empowered to help guide others to make wise decisions regarding their own health.

As the owner of Palm Beach Nutrition & Wellness, I continue my passion of helping others whether it be by guidance, supplements, education or networking with other practitioners.

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