Energique Herbal ~ providing high quality natural remedies

In all the years that I have been in the nutrition and wellness industry, I have been introduced to many different health and nutrition companies.  I continue to do my best to only recommend products and companies that I am familiar and comfortable with.

Back in 1999, I was introduced to Energique, Inc or Energique Herbal by a local naturopathic practitioner here in Florida.  During my own personal health crisis, I needed to find help using more natural remedies when the mainstream medical route wasn’t working…. and the Energique product line was perfect for my situation.

Energique was founded in 1987 and manufactures over 600 liquid herbal extracts, has one of the largest inventories of single homeopathic remedies in the US along with a large selection of combination homeopathics.  They offer more than 50 different essential oils and have a unique line of specialized nutritional supplements such as minerals, vitamins, enzymes and glandulars.

Their herbal extracts are formulated using a Spagyric processing method in which they use the whole plant during the extraction process. Some companies may only use parts of each plant but synergistically, the use of the whole plant can bring about better results.  Also, in a specialized process, Energique virtually eliminates exposure of the herbal extractions to oxygen, thereby reducing the amount of oxidation that may occur and thus maintaining a higher quality of herbal remedy for the consumer.

During my consultations, I like to use my LSA Pro technology to discover which remedy, from companies like Energique, will work best for your specific health crisis or nutritional need.

I also love using their flower remedies.  Energique offers a variety of flower remedies such as Bach, English and Australian.  Flower remedies do wonders to help the body during the healing process.

All the Energique line is available to be purchased here by contacting Palm Beach Nutrition.  The items are conveniently drop shipped directly to your house by UPS or USPS.