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Natural Immunogenics

Kim has worked with Natural Immunogenics for the past 15 years and trusts Sovereign Silver and Argentyn 23 for use personally and professionally.

Sovereign Silver ~ A true Silver hydrosol containing ONLY pure, oligiodynamic silver ions.  Silver hydrosol is a significant step BEYOND colloidal silver.   Sovereign Silver is the purest form of a silver colloidal suspension in pharmaceutical grade purified water.  This silver is in a state of readiness (bio-active) for work within the body immediately.

Silver Hydrosol has regenerative and antimicrobial properties along with being effective against antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

Sovereign Silver, 10 ppm Size PBNW price
Liquid Dropper top 2  ounce $       11.99
Liquid Dropper top 4  ounce $       18.71
Liquid Dropper top 8  ounce $       28.79
Liquid Cap top 16 ounce $       43.75
Liquid Gallon Cap top Gallon $     296.99
Liquid Nasal / Vertical spray top 2  ounce $       11.99
Liquid Fine Mist Spray top 2  ounce $       11.99
Homeopathic First Aid Gel 1 ounce $       11.75
Homeopathic First Aid Get 2 ounce $       18.15

Argentyn 23 is the Professional Strength Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol, 23ppm

Argentyn, 23 ppm Size PBNW price
Liquid Nasal / Vertical Spray top 2  ounce $      20.70
Liquid Cap top 8  ounce $      50.40
Liquid Cap top 16 ounce $      84.60
Liquid Gallon Cap top Gallon $     503.99


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