Spring is in the air – and that means allergies!

Most of us are thawing out from this winter. My husband, Danny, and I got to enjoy a taste of Spring in Georgia last weekend –our neighborhood in South Florida seems to have only two seasons – Summer and Winter. It was so lovely to see the trees in bloom!

I was pleasantly surprised NOT to have any allergic reactions! Sadly, that is not the case for many people who dread their spring allergies. With the warming temperatures and life blooming before us – the pollens seems to drive many crazy with sore throats, sneezing, coughing, head aches and watery eyes .

So, I thought I would share some ideas to help you get through this allergy season.

First, (which may be too late for some) is to take homeopathic allergy remedies in preparation for the allergy season. There are great homeopathic allergy remedies that target pollen groups, grass and weeds, or dust along with the general allergy reactions to lessen. Being prepared can make the reactions less miserable. There are also many great natural allergy supplements which contain ingredients like Butterbur , Quercetin, Stinging nettles, and Bromelain. Check with your local health food store to see what they find works best in your area.

Next, figure out what you are specifically allergic to. This way, you can select the specific remedy you need or (if possible) stay away from the source of the allergy. Monitor the allergen count in your area, to help you decide what outside activity you may wish to do that day.

One easy way to help clarify your specific allergy and remedy is to schedule yourself for my Nutritional consultation. https://palmbeachnutrition.com/sessions-rates/consultations/
Whether you are in South Florida or out of town, we can conduct the consultation and help with the allergen and remedy.

Another technique that I think should become a habit – especially during allergy season, is to flush your sinuses each morning and night. There are many products out there to help you accomplish this. The Neti Pot can be found in most health food stores, drug stores and stores like Walmart. This allows you to pour a saline solution in one nostril while tipping your head to allow the solution to rinse your sinuses and run out the other nostril.

Another great nasal cleansing protocol comes from Xlear (pronounced clear) this saline solution containing Xylitol has been found to also inhibit the growth of bacteria. This product is also available for children. Sovereign Silver also comes in a nasal spray which rinses the nasal passages with the same bacteria fighting benefits along with anti-inflammatory properties.

When we can lessen the amount of allergens in our sinuses, we can allow our immune system to take a break. Many people have shared with me how much this habit has helped with their allergies.

Finally, while many would love to open up their houses and let the fresh air in, those with allergies suffer from the “fresh” air. It would be better to invest in a good air purifier or air filter for your house. Keeping an air filter in your bedroom can ensure you are getting a good night’s sleep and prepare your body to better face the day!

It is important to boost your immune system all the time, but it is very important during allergy season. Sometimes, when your immune system is overloaded, the body will react to more “allergens”. Everyone should have a good foundation of nutritional supplements while eating a healthy diet including the right balance of fresh fruits and vegetables along with healthy meats and complex carbs.

Hope these ideas help and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in allergy help this season. I can be reached at support1@palmbeachnutrition.com or 866-915-5433.