Why did Jordan Rubin sell Garden of Life?

That was a question many pondered when the news was released last year that Garden of Life had been sold. While Jordan is still very involved with Garden of Life, his passion is and has always been healthy food – sustainable, with beyond organic standards, raw and rich in probiotics, nutrients and enzymes – exactly what he would feed his own family.

My husband and I have known Jordan and Nicki for almost 13 years now, and I have seen Garden of Life grow into the amazing company that it is today. I have followed Jordan as he started GPRx and I became one of his certified Biblical Health Coaches. My family and I have trusted Jordan and Nicki with our friendship and health. We were very excited when he mentioned to us that he had some compelling plans in the future and couldn’t wait to tell us.

Jordan Rubin has always focused his speaking engagements, training, and books on eating the right foods and recommending many great supplements. While Garden of Life made the supplements available, many people were still frustrated with not having the ability to find the foods that he had been recommending.

After over 10 years with Garden of Life, Jordan and Nicki decided to change direction and acquire an extensive ranch in Koshkonong, Missouri, along with several mountain springs in North Georgia. With these acquisitions, they birthed a new, ground breaking venture called Beyond Organic.

Soon anyone in the US will be able to buy truly organic, “green fed” meats; organic, real, raw cheeses; pure, probiotic, mountain spring water; delicious, dark probiotic chocolate; Amasai ™, a cultured dairy product similar to Kefir; probiotic flax seed oil and more!


These products will not be found in health food stores or online etail stores. Thanks to Beyond Organic, healthy minded shoppers will no longer be limited to the proximity of local health food/grocery stores. Anyone can become a customer and buy these great foods and beverages or become a Mission Marketer and help grow Jordan’s mission of helping each and everyone “Change their diet, Change their life and Change their world.”

Find out more about these incredible foods and this ground breaking company by copying this  link/url into your computer:

Look for Jordan’s webinar from last April 28th coming soon on this Beyond Organic Insider website.

If you have any questions about Beyond Organic products or the exciting potential of Beyond Organic, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email – support1@palmbeachnutrition.com or 561-689-1070.

All the best, Kim