Jordan Rubin Introduces his first two supplements through Beyond Organic!

I have blogged about Adrenal Fatigue and am thrilled to share that Jordan Rubin, founder of Garden of Life is now formulated amazing products (which will help your body cope with stress)through his new company, Beyond Organic!!

Break the Cycle Of Toxins and Stress

Many of you have followed Jordan Rubin for years as the digestion health expert, Founder of Garden of Life and now Founder of Beyond Organic.

Jordan’s passion for optimal health has always been to focus on digestive health.  From the initial days of his first revolutionary digestive supplement, Primal Defense in 1999, he has become a leader in the industry with many #1 rated supplements.  Beyond Organic began as his parallel passion and opportunity to offer some of the world’s healthiest  foods to continue the road to optimal health.


Listen to Jordan as he helps you break the cycle of stress and toxins!
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Introducing Terra Firma  & Adaptgen

Terra Firma

• Your 6-in-1 Cleansing Solution

– Volcanic Mineral Clay
– Ayurvedic Himalayan Shilajit
– S. boulardii
– B. coagulans
– B. subtilis
–     Prebiotic Phage


• 5-in-1 Stress Busting System

To Support:
– Energy and Mood
– Metabolism
– Mental Clarity
–     Cellular and Hormonal Health

1. Ashwagandha
2. Rhodiola rosea
3. Green Coffee
4. B. subtilis
5. Prebiotic Phage

Together these products will help improve your digestive health, Detoxification, Immune system and emotional health.

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