January & February Specials on Energique Products


The New Year brings new opportunities and a revived energy to tackle our goals.  For a lot of us our focus will be on breaking bad habits and dedicating ourselves to a healthier self.  Add Energique “Herbal Energy” and “Physician’s Choice” to your regimen for optimal results for a healthier you.

Energique Herbal Energy Herbal Supplement is a combination formula that may help to stimulate the nervous system, increase stamina and endurance by supporting the adrenal glands and enhance mental clarity.

Discounted during January and February~ On Sale for Just $ 20 (usually$23)

Energique Physician’s Choice is a dietary supplement which offers a variety of vitamins and minerals for daily consumption.

Discounted during January and February ~ On Sale for Just $21 (usually $24)

To order your Energique products or find out more, either call our office @ 561-689-1070 or email the order  https://palmbeachnutrition.com/nutritional-products/energique/

Kim Butler has used Energique products since 2000 and has been recommending their remedies and nutritionals to her clients and customers since 2005.

You can find all the Energique products available through Palm Beach Nutrition & Wellness.  You will receive the freshest and most current formulations directly from their warehouse!  Call Now!  561-689-1070   or email the order https://palmbeachnutrition.com/nutritional-products/energique/