Want to join us on a 3 day cleanse?

Danny and I have started a cleanse this week – the Suero Cleanse by Jordan Rubin.

Jordan had created a cultured whey product when Beyond Organic first launched back in November 2011 called Suero Viv.  It has taken a few months for people to realize the awesome benefits of this product.  Now, we have the Bronze, Silver and Gold versions of this cleanse http://youtu.be/58XRUgtzwS8  and you can see about the  Suero Cleanse Challenge  http://youtu.be/2ryCME8ONAM

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This is an easy, liquid cleanse which cleans at the cellular level.  Three days and 6 bottles each day and much less expensive than some of the liquid cleanses out there. Many are finding that they have more energy, more focused thinking, improved hair, skin & nails, weight loss and better sleep – just to name some of the testimonials.

I have been sleeping great and this has been the easiest cleanse I have ever done!  I may even go a 4th day!!

At least through the end of the month, you can get a free Preferred Customer membership when you purchase on of the Suero Cleanses!

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Join our team of cleansers!   Jessi, Danny & Kim Butler