The Deadliest Poison

Health involves not only what we eat or what we put on our body but our health also depends on our emotional state.   Our feeling of hurt, anger or unforgiveness can literally make us sick.  I love Dr. Alex Loyd and his “Healing Codes”   Here is a portion of his last newsletter :

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Health–conscious people work to get poisons out of their bodies.  There are liver flushes and gall bladder flushes.  We can have our mercury fillings removed.  We can go through detoxification juicing regimens.  To think about intentionally taking something poisonous would be crazy, and any same person would agree.

What I assert to you here is that you are probably poisoning yourself right now, today, either intentionally or without understanding what you are doing.   Whether you know it or not, this poison will destroy your health over time.  This poison can contribute to developing cancer or many other illnesses or diseases.  It will destroy your most important relationships.  It will keep you from succeeding to the degree you are capable of.

For years, I have taught that I’ve never seen a serious illness or disease that did not have one common thread way down at the root.  When I met Dr. Ben Johnson back in 2003, I was fascinated.   I listened to Dr. Ben lecture from a medical perspective – he was a cancer specialist – and he said, “I’ve never seen a cancer that did not have this one common element way down at the root.”

That one root element- the most deadly poison I know of on the planet – is unforgiveness.  Neither Dr. Ben Johnson nor I have ever seen a serious illness or disease where there was not an unforgiveness issue of the heart.  For years I did counseling and therapy, including a lot of relationships and marriage counseling.  I’ve never seen a significant relationship problem that did not contain an element of unforgiveness.

The best quote about unforgiveness I’ve ever heard uses a powerful image that gets right to the heart of how unforgiveness affects us: “Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”  The one who is harmed is the one who doesn’t forgive.

We continue to hold things again people because we want justice.   We want the wrong that was done to be made right somehow.  We’re afraid that if we let go of the injury, if we forget it, it will never be made right.  The guilty person will get off without paying for the harm they did.  In my opinion, the injury will never be made right until you let go of it.  If you can let go of it, it will be made right immediately.

You may be thinking, “But you don’t know what they did!”  Here’s the thing.  When you have unforgiveness toward someone, you have tied them to you and you cannot get away from them.  On an emotional and spiritual level, it is just as if you have taken a piece of rope and tied one end of it around their hands and the other around your hand, and you are taking them with you everywhere you go to poison that situation.  When you hold on to unforgiveness, you have planted an eternal spring of poison inside your heart, and it runs 24 hours a day.  It is not just running when you think about that injustice that you think you cannot forgive.  It runs all the time.

It also puts your body into stress mode.  Why? Because it is fear based.  A difficulty in forgiving someone is rooted in fear.  It’s the fear that something that is not right will not be made right.  We can’t let go of what was done to us because we believe that if we do it will not be made right.  Or, we’re afraid something similar will happen again if we let our guard down and forgive.

The stress response in your body is also called the fear response.   Unforgiveness causes the hypothalamus in your brain – not just when you think about the injury, but all the time – to flip the stress switch and begin to make you sick. The first thing it does is suppress your immune system.  It makes you sick; it makes your tired.  It drains your energy.  It causes you to come at everything from a negative perspective.  Sadness, low self-worth and anger result.

One of the things that is so insidious about unforgiveness is that it has hidden forms. Until you feel that forgiveness, you have not truly forgiven that person.  One of the reasons we don’t get to the place where we are able to feel forgiveness is that unforgiveness has hidden forms.  One of the biggest ones is anger and every emotion in the anger family: resentment, irritation, frustration, overwhelm, perfectionism and control.  If you feel anger about something, there is a very good chance that you have an underlying unforgiveness issue that you may not even be aware of .

What I’d like to suggest is that you pray about this issue.  Pray that you will be able to truly forgive, and whether the unforgiveness is related to someone else or to yourself.  If there is something that you need to make right, Pick up the phone, write a letter or email.  Whatever you need to do to make something right, make it right.  The reward is going to come back to you 100 fold for doing that.  Then pray that your unforgiveness will be taken away.  Pray that you will forgive from your heart, and that your heart and mind and body will let go of the issue. You can untie the ropes that hold you in bondage and be free.  Stop that eternal spring from spewing poison.

I also suggest that you write down any person in your entire life who, when you think about them, causes you to feel anything negative.  There is a very good chance that you have an unforgiveness issue with that person. As you go through your day, write down anything you feel in the anger family – anger, irritation, frustration, bitterness, impatience, etc.  When you have a chance, meditate and think about these emotions and ask yourself “ Why did I become angry because the red light was taking too long?? What did I feel there? Is there another time in my life when I can remember feeling a similar combination of emotions, not about sitting at a red light, but about anything?” That will take you to a past memory.

Keep doing that until you come up with some relationship issue that may have an unforgiveness element.  You will usually find one if you do that simple little exercise.  That memory is the original source of your anger.  It had nothing to do with the red light.  Is was an unforgiveness issue from the past that was still causing stress and tension in you.  That thing has been spewing poison into your life and putting you in bondage. It’s been affecting your health and many other things.

Pray about the memory. Do a Healing Code on it to heal that relationship issue.  If there is something that needs to be made right, make it right.  If you really don’t feel forgiveness, you need to keep working on it until you do.

When you forgive from the heart, you can feel it.  We usually forgive from the head.  We say out loud,” I forgive John,” but if we ask ourselves, if we feel forgiveness, we really don’t feel it.  We still feel unforgiveness even though we said we forgive and truly meant it. 

You meant it with your head and with your willpower.  You didn’t mean it with your heart.  This is not always within your conscious control.  Keep praying about it.  Keep doing the Healing Codes on it until you feel it.  It usually doesn’t take very long.  When forgiveness happens, you have untied the bonds.  That spring will no longer spew poison.  It will start flowing with love and joy and peace and patience and all these wonderful things.


Jordan Rubin introduced me to Dr. Alex Loyd and the Healing Codes in January 2012.  It has made quite an impact on my life.  Jordan and I have seen first hand how your emotional health affects your physical health.  You can learn more about The Healing Codes and Dr. Alex Loyd by www. or

My desire is that this excerpt by Dr. Loyd will help you in your quest for health and well being.