Save on Spring Consultations and Products

They say Spring is (supposed to be) in the air!  I am sure you had heard the complaints against the Ground Hog, Punxsutawney Phil ~ he did NOT get it right this year, did he?!

Spring will eventually be coming to your town and it is time to take another look at your health.  After the Christmas, New Year and the Easter/Passover holidays, we need to get back to healthy eating habits.  With the warmer weather ~ we can start exercising and we need to see what our body requires in regards to supplemental nutrition and the proper foods to eat! Then Summer is just around the corner and we all want to feel and look our best!

It is a great time to make an appointment for a Nutritional Consultation screening or a re- check on your previous screening.   As many of you know, it doesn’t matter where you are located, you can benefit from PBNW’s consultations.  If you live near West Palm Beach, you can come by personally, but most of you are out of town and can just send in a saliva/DNA sample.

Consultations give you a glimpse into your health; you can find out what is causing you to miss out on the optimal health you are looking for!

There are many new things to tell you about for 2013!  I have added a couple of new product lines which we are so very excited about!

First, with so much stress in the world, daily, I witness the negative affects it has on our health.  I went on a search to see what more I could do for my clients.  Dr. James Wilson has written an amazing book , Adrenal Fatigue and has also formulated products to help support his findings. I can now offer those products to you.

Then after a number of events ( that I do not feel happened by chance) , it was evident that I needed to include the Nutri-West Product line for my clients.  I have spoken to several practitioners who have used this line for years and also found that my LSA Pro / Zyto Screening Technology supports this supplement line.  Nutri-West offers Glandulars, homeopathics and herbals which are different than I have had previously and I am excited to see us all benefit from them!

I continue to have connections with the Natura Health Formulations and Apex Energetics companies along with continuing my connections with Energique, Native Remedies and Natural Immunogenics.   I still order Garden of Life Products on a “once a month” pre-order status around the 15th of each month.    There is something for everyone!

As many of you know, I will forever be passionate about what foods and products we put INTO our bodies just as much as the supplements we use on a daily basis.  That is why I LOVE Jordan Rubin’s company Beyond Organic.   This direct sales company is in its 2nd year and is now offering well over 70 products!  Jordan Rubin’s “no compete clause” with Garden of Life has ended and he is now formulating herbal products for Beyond Organic.  These new formulations would rock the herbal industry if they were sold retail!  They are making amazing differences in the lives of Beyond Organic customers and members.  Jordan has also acquired the rights back to his New York Best Seller, “The Maker’s Diet” and he is re-writing it to include the Beyond Organic foods, supplements and new updated nutritional information ~ coming out in late Fall ~ you won’t want to miss it!

Can you sense my excitement?  I have seen the affects of stress on our lives and feel that there are tangible ways we can help lessen the negative affects it has on us. I have new products and continue to see the benefits Beyond Organic as a company and its products are having on people.  I think 2013 is going to be great!!

So, my recommended plan of action for you?  Contact me to set up a consultation ~ either for the first time or for a follow up check up.  I have several options for you.   I can do a full review of what Virtual Stressors may be affecting your body, what foods are harming or benefiting you, and find ways to improve your overall health.  I can just focus on the food screening ~ I don’t want you to jump into a diet and be eating foods that are antagonistic to your body!  We can do a short phone consult to just see how you are doing.

Here is more of an explanation of what Palm Beach Nutrition & Wellness can do for you!

To make this a little bit easier for you,  I have more options for you;  you can 1) Get $20 off the consultation cost, OR,  2) I am offering a 10% discount on any products ordered through PBNW during a consultation.  This special runs through May 9th ~  a whole month to get in contact with me.

Contact today and schedule an appointment or get the forms needed to send in your saliva/DNA sample for a remote appointment.

You can also enroll as a Preferred Customer or Mission Marketer with Beyond Organic. Just check out the video my husband Danny and I taped with Jordan and Nicki Rubin.

Spring into renewed health!  Get on track and prepare for the Summer!

You can give me a call 561-689-1070 or email

Kim Butler, CNC, CBHC,CNHP
Certified Natural Health Counselor & Health Coach