Jordan has written the sequel to his New York Times’ Best Seller The Maker’s Diet!

Jordan has written the sequel to his New York Times’ Best Seller The Maker’s Diet!

The Maker’s Diet has made a huge impact on the lives of so many people for the last 10 years.  Now, Finally, Jordan has a new book coming out in November called  The Maker’s Diet Revolution.

Based on even more years of experience, Jordan shares what he has learned through the years. He explains the importance food plays on our health and gives us the details empowering us to regain our health through cleansing and making wise choices with our every day life.

I know that as an Online retailer of nutritional supplements, I found myself discussing the original Maker’s Diet each day with my many customers.  I know of families dealing with infertility who now have children due to applying these principles!  I know of many whose lives have forever been changed for the better thanks to the knowledge they gained from the original Maker’s Diet.

The one challenge that I saw when I was discussing the book with my friends and customers was to find the foods and beverages which were recommended in the original Maker’s Diet.  I know that Jordan and Garden of Life provided the supplements recommended, but Jordan did not have a means to produce the recommended foods from the book.

Now, Jordan can recommend supplements and foods which can be purchased through his ranch and company, Beyond Organic.   He has many new yummy recipes at the end of the book which I can personally say are delicious!

You can read the first chapter of his book The Maker’s Diet Revolution right here :

If you would like to know more about how you can become involved with purchasing the Maker’s Diet Revolution or any of the products through Beyond Organic, you can visit our website

Kim Butler
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