Is the Flu shot really the Answer?

We all know that the Flu Season is hitting the nation Full Force!  Is getting the Flu shot really the answer? 

Just last week’s Dr. Oz show mentioned that this year’s shot isn’t even able to fight all the strains that are hitting so many people.   Getting the flu shot is a bit controversial.  I do not believe it is always the best answer to keep us healthy.

While I would not take the flu shot nor give it to my family, I want to make sure we have taken the time to build up our immune system to be ready for this cold and flu season.

Living here in South Florida, we are bombarded with Tourists “kindly”  bringing us so many germs while they enjoy our great tropical weather.

I highly recommend that each of us become educated on ways to improve our immune system and how to survive if the germs do get the better of us.

Here are some daily habits and/or supplements to add to your daily life:

1) Basic healthy habits of staying away from germs whenever possible – Wash hands often.  Be cautious in the obvious places such as the bathroom.  Whenever possible use a paper towel to touch even the soap dispenser, faucets, and the door handles.  Restaurants have germs on the table, door handles, menus, napkin holders etc – use either a napkin or carry your hand sanitizer with you.  At work, think about the elevator buttons, phones, desks and computer keyboards.

2) Living a lifestyle that allows you to get enough rest, eat well, exercise and lessen your stress whenever possible.   Drink at least 50% of your body weight in ounces of purified water each day.  You can also include herbal teas such as Green, Lemon & Honey,  Ginger, Eucalyptus, Peppermint,  Echinacea or Mate.

3)  Nano Silver / Silver Hydrosol –  My first line of defense that I always recommend is Sovereign Silver – 10 ppms.  I recommend taking 1 tsp daily for a healthy immune system and upon  the first sign of symptoms, I recommend 1 tsp every hour for the next day or so, dropping down to 1 tsp 4 times a day for the next couple days and dropping down to 3 times a day – then twice a day until comfortable to go back to the 1 tsp once daily.     I actually put a drop in each of my eyes daily along with spraying it in my nostrils if I feel that I may have been exposed to coughs or sneezes.  ** a stronger version of Silver is the Argentyn which is 23ppms

4)  Homeopathics instead of shots – Energique carries the homeopathic Influenzium 200c which includes the strains for the 2012/2013 season – includes the H1N1, H3N2, along with the B/Wisconsin/1/2010.  I recommend taking this remedy – 5-10 drops daily for 7 days and then once a day every other week during the flu season.

– Energique also offers homeopathics for recovering from the flu such as Grippe HP and Flu Tone.  These products can be ordered from my office and range in price from $11.40 – $22.

5) Boosting your probiotics during this season is valuable.  Garden of Life has some  amazing probiotics!  85% of your immune system is found in your gut so you want to ensure that you have the correct bacterial balance or flora.    Making a habit to eat foods high in probiotics is excellent. Beyond Organic specializes in liquid yogurt called Amasai, and a cultured Whey beverage , SueroViv along with cheeses rich in probiotics.

** SueroViv is also an amazing product to get your needed Electrolytes.**

6)  Clay helps with Diarrhea –  Redmond Clay can be used to help when suffering from the Diarrhea –

7) Herbs –  Herbs that can help are American Ginseng, Black Elderberry, Echinacea, Olive leaf Extract, Astragalus,   ** Oregano helps lungs recover  while being antiviral and anti bacterial

8) Vitamins – Besides taking a good full spectrum multi vitamin,  I also recommend  Vitamin D – at least 2,000 IU on a regular basis and much more if feeling ill, Vitamin C – some take up to 1,000mg hourly when ill ( based on stool tolerance), Selenium and Vitamin E

Then there is also the homemade “chicken Soup” to make us feel better during this season .

I hope this gives you hope to be able to fight off this flu and cold season!