Changes to Palm Beach Nutrition

After over 6 years on the internet, Palm Beach Nutrition is making some changes!
We are almost done selling out the inventory we have left and then we will be focusing on just offering supplements and nutritionals through drop shipments.

Due to popular demand, my nutritional consultations will take over the main focus of our business and website.  It is so hard to have to say good bye to so many wonderful customers that I have gotten to know though out the years.  Some of my wonderful customers are just like family!  So, since I can’t just drop my customers, I have done my best to find other companies that will be able to offer similar discounts and customer service.

If you were coming to my website to buy Garden of Life products, there are two companies that I am recommending you contact ~ Apple a Day and Beyond @ 877-277-5357 or Winning Edge @ 800-841-4248.  We have a page for you on the website to give you more details.

If you were buying Royal Bee Skin Healing Cream or Super Honey from our website, you can order directly from their company by contacting Kelly @ 407-744-5737.

Our new name is now Palm Beach Nutrition & Wellness but the website will remain the same along with maintaining the same phone numbers.  If you have any questions about the transition, please don’t hesitate to contact us!