Why Do I LOVE being a part of the Beyond Organic & Youngevity family!

I have been interested in proper wholistic nutrition and alternative medicine for over 20 years now.  I laugh now, because in the early years as a new mom, there were other moms at my church who would call me the “nutrition guru”!   I have learned SOOOO much more since then.  What I can say for sure is that every day there is so much more to learn!

I thank God for allowing my family’s paths to cross paths with Jordan & Nikki Rubin.  I am amazed when I look back at how just that one friendship changed the whole direction of my life and my family’s lives!   When we met, Jordan was playing the part of Jesus in our church’s Easter play and my husband, Danny, was playing one of Jesus’ disciples, John.  My son, Daniel, thought Jordan was really Jesus and my little 4 year old boy would just look up to Jordan with amazement and shyly enjoy Jesus’ ( Jordan’s)  attention.

Our family was new to our church, Christ Fellowship, and we had not seen first hand the journey that Jordan had gone through.  Our church had seen him get sick & prayed him through some very tough times.   We just knew him now as a strong, loving and nutrition – brilliant young man with these new products called “Primal Defense & Perfect Food” and a new company soon to be called Garden of Life.

Fast forward years later, after Garden of Life became #1 with many of its nutritional supplements and I had the opportunity to promote and sell their products through my own online vitamin store!  Being so involved with nutritional supplements, along with my own health crisis ( which is a whole other story ) , I was inspired to grow and learn even more about proper nutrition & supplementation.  Then came the day  early 2011, when Jordan shared with us that he would be starting a new company and asked us to join in his next adventure.

Jordan’s new company, Beyond Organic and its products became the next passion in our lives.  We loved sharing the opportunity to buy and financially  benefit from these products!   We enjoyed going to the Beyond Organic ranch  twice and seeing for our own eyes so much of the work being put into these products!    We got to see the new born calves being raised in a health & safe way ~ with their mommas, and we got to see the dairy where they made the Amasai and the RAW Cheese.

Kim and Danny with Jordan 2013

Then late last Spring we were told that Beyond Organic would be joining an established company called Youngevity ~ founded by Dr. Joel Wallach…. at that time, I had not been following Dr. Wallach.  But what so amazing now, is that I had listened to and shared his famous cassette “ Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie”  in the early 90’s!

Getting to know a new company is always interesting ~ new protocol, new products, new procedures and new leaders.  In the first 6 months, we met the most amazing team !!  We were welcomed with more that open arms!  The Youngevity team of leaders truly live  “One Dream, One Team” !    Along with Dr.Joel Wallach, we are working together to help educate people and families about proper nutrition and supplementation . Youngevity offers their own product line based on Dr. Joel Wallach’s recommendations along with hundreds of other high quality supplements and foods.


Beyond Organic joining Youngevity has become two pieces of the puzzle that come together so perfectly!!   Jordan Rubin’s father had gone to see Dr. Wallach for advice years before when Jordan was suffering through his life threatening illnesses and now Jordan and Dr. Wallach are locking arms to change the world!  Jordan and Dr. Wallach through Youngevity will be able to see Jordan’s dream of 1 Million Families eating “Beyond Organic” !

We now have over 1000 products to recommend, along with many talented doctors, scientist, naturopaths, nurses, dietitians & nutritionists working together to change the world!

Danny & I are excited to see what our new future with Youngevity Nation has in store for us!!

You can find out more @ “kimbutler.youngevity.com