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Beta Glucan ~ Restart Your Life



Documented Health Benefits: Pollen Burst is based on solid scientific research and contains the most exciting natural ingredients available. The natural ingredients in Pollen Burst not only produce a noticeable ‘Burst’ of short- and long-term energy, but they also assist many vital functions of your body, including ANTI-AGING and WEIGHT LOSS


Documentation shares multiple studies by Clemson University scientists to provide a comprehensive evaluation of Youngevity “Beyond Tangy Tangerine & Ultimate Classic” .  Specific biomarkers were chosen to study the areas of safety, inflammation and the treatment of various cancer cells.

Comprehensive studies were conducted to review the benefits of the Youngevity Healthy Body Start Pack 2.0 which includes the Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0, Osteo FX and the Ultimate EFA

Advanced Liquid Nutrition through Biocellular Micellition providing benefits for a array of health concerns from bone & joint support to enhanced  mental clarity.



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