"I’ve known Kim for 15 years and I believe in her approach to holistic health. She is thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate–always putting honesty, integrity and the well-being of her clients as her top priorities."

- Jordan S. Rubin
Natural Health Expert & New York Times Best-selling Author
Founder and CEO of Garden of Life

"Again, please let me say that the customer service and knowledge that you folks provide is OUTSTANDING! I have spoken to you all on numerous occasions and you have been exceptionally patient and informative. I am VERY happy with the products AND the support!"

- Barb, Schnecksville, PA

"Kim, thank you so much for your help with my and my husbands well being.  I wanted to mention that you have been a great help in getting excellent results with my most resent colonoscopy.  Five years ago I had my first colonoscopy resulting in a number of polyps.  I was required to have another  2 years later due to the number of polyps found with my first colonoscopy.  It was soon after my second colonoscopy  that I was introduced to the Garden of Life products:  Primal Defense and Omega Zyme by you and Palm Beach Nutrition.  I started to take the Primal Defense and Omega Zyme daily  ¼ tsp. of each and just had my two year follow up with my colonoscopy again.  The results were fantastic…NO POLYPS!  I attribute the good results to my daily use of each of these products.  My physician was pleasantly surprised at the results as well.  I cannot thank you enough for your help and direction with my nutrition & the road to better health.  My best to you and your!"

- Denise, Colorado


energique Energique

Energique, Inc. has been providing high quality natural remedies to health care practitioners since 1987. Energique manufactures and distributes more than 600 herbal extracts and over 2,500 natural remedies across the United States. We are pleased to partner with Energique to offer to our customers this quality product line which includes herbals, homeopathics, essential oils, nutritional supplements and reactivated water concentrates.

As one of our most popular product lines, we want to make it as easy as possible to leave us your orders.  Kim has worked with Energique products since 2000 and is very proud to continue to offer this product line to her clients.

Browse our list of Energique products here :
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There are two ways in which you can place your Energique order with Palm Beach Nutrition and Wellness.

  1. You can contact our office at 561-689-1070 and speak to our office or leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible to verify your order.
  2. You can complete the email response below and enter which products that you would like to order and we will contact you as soon as possible to verify your order.

** Shipping is $9.75 for all orders under $200.00 and FREE for orders $200.00 and over.
****Prices are subject to change and we do our best to adjust our website to reflect these changes

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