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We are excited to celebrate our 10th year online ! We are more thrilled than ever to see others empowered to achieve optimal health & wellness.

We continue to offer products from companies such as Energique, Enzyme Formulations and Nutri-West through a drop ship program. For those of you looking for Garden of Life products, we have connected with companies where you will be able to buy your supplements.  Browse our new website and look for Kim’s blog where she will be sharing insightful information on health and wellness attained over the past 16 years.

Even more than taking the right supplements for your body is to eat the right foods every day! Watch this video with Kim and Jason Dewberry, previously with Garden of Life, now the President of Beyond Organic


I've known Kim for 11 years and I believe in her approach to holistic health.Jordan Rubin She is thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate - always putting honesty, integrity and the well-being of her clients as her top priorities.

Jordan S. Rubin

  • New York Times Best-selling Author - The Maker's Diet
  • Founder and CEO–Garden of Life

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Personal Education

Personal Education appointments with Kim can vary in length of time and purpose, depending on your state of health and your personal health goals. Kim understands that each person is unique and will, therefore, require individualized, customized care.

Proper Nutrition & Supplementation is more important than you think! Let Kim show you why.

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